Saturday, February 8, 2014

Destination..... Kansas

Let me introduce the new Chapter of  St. Mark's Chapel and Event Center, located in Herington, Kansas.
This former United Methodist Church was established in this rural Kansas community in the late 1890's.
Like so many other rural areas around the country, this gorgeous building was facing the sad reality that its congregation was diminishing and aging fast. They would have to close their doors and sell off the Church, School and Parsonage.
Would another congregation find use in it? Would a developer see potential? Would neglect and lack of interest cause this staple of Faith and Family end up in ruins?
As avid Web cruisers or husband and I came across pictures of this elegant structure when it was listed for sale.
Something special called us, even through the computer screen.....we knew we had to make a trip to see for ourselves why this church was calling us all the way from Texas to Kansas......
We arrived and felt the special and unique opportunity this majestic building held within its brick structure.
As our hearts echoed and our eyes feed on the beauty of the antique stained  glass windows. We walked the building, the flickering alter lights were a beckon of happiness that called my husband even closer to inspect and relish in the possibilities this church still had to offer those who could find themselves sharing in its beauty.
As an Artist, I found myself drawn to the craftsmanship of the brilliant stained glass windows that adorned the entire building and the main Chapel, but my husband stood wide eyed as he focused on the larger Rose window over the Pipe Organ.

We stood shoulder to shoulder and knew we had to keep this Church needed to be shared with others.... taking this adventure one step at a time.  Here were are...ready to share its Beauty for those planning to Marry, have family reunions, special reunions or other events that would find our Chapel to be ideal for their special occasion.
It's now St. Mark's Chapel and Event Center of Herington, Kansas.
The people of Herington are excited to have it's glorious church kept alive with the prospects of new visitors sharing it's Blessings. Many locals are available to help out of town attendees, but those who schedule their own events are welcomed to rent the Church and Banquet Hall with their own Event Planner or Caterer.
Pictures will be added soon as we develop our web site, but we're on Pinterest posting the renovation taken so far.
Or visit our sister site
And ask Stephanie for more details.
The Chapel is available for those interested in scheduling upcoming events or feel free to contact us for more info on rates and availability.
Basement was the former Church banquet area and is large enough for small receptions with a full kitchen for your caterers.
School building is being remodeled to accommodate several bedrooms and open living space for those out of town guests who prefer to share one large space during their event.
So those of you who always wanted to have a special ceremony in a Historical Chapel without the fear that your membership is needed ....this is where St. Mark's makes those moments possible, have your "Destination" Wedding with us.
We provide the location, you provide the guests.