Monday, March 3, 2014

Redoing the Church School

I thought I would share a few pictures of the current remodeling we are undertaking in the school portion of the St. Mark's Chapel & Center.
This brick building is connected to the Sanctuary, where these two floors housed church offices on the first floor and the second floor had several nurseries and classrooms.
The second floor is now planned as our Vacation apt and will be available to be rented for venue attendees as well.
As you can see, this room was frozen in time, carpet was well worn, paneling was obviously 60's to match the retro furniture left behind.
We knew this room would function as our large living space, kitchen and dining area….so with hammers in hand we started inspecting & planning.
CHECKLIST: Remove paneling, replace with new Sheetrock, add molding, paint
Remove and replace old ceiling tiles, redo lighting.
Peel off the old carpet, remove glue, clean hard wood floors, refinish.
After a couple of months and strenuous days scrapping off the carpet adhesive…..what was revealed was a gorgeous original wood floor that will be a part of our new Living Space.
This picture shows where we have decided to place the kitchen. Looking around the classrooms, we found several separate wood cabinets used for storage when the school was in use. Painted in bright crayola colors we decided to re-use them and place for our new kitchen counters.
Up-cycling is very popular right now, so why not keep something that was a part of this school in our new use of the space…with paint and new hardware its a fun option for great quality wood cabinets.

They are repainted to match our trim and will have new stone counter-tops installed…..but you can see how large the open living space will be for everyone to enjoy.
The walls have been painted with a custom color I mixed, it changes with light, from a sage green to light gray…..I really love how the color matches everything we have planned for the space.