Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Adding more touches

Well, lot's of new decor details have been added to both the Chapel and the Vacation Apartment, so I thought I would share a few pictures.
Time is always a factor when we arrive in Kansas, its often a short stay with many "Thing's To Do" on our list, but this time we sure were under huge constraints since we also were scheduling the opening of "Prairie Chic" which is our Antique and Craft store in the downtown area.
Mark worked in the store while I undertook the Chapel list.
I added more Filigree designs to the far wall that faces the open area of the Chapel area.
The panaoramic picture shows the different doors leading to office, grooms room, children's room, waiting room with the Bridal room behind the large pew with newly painted Filigree.

This corner needed just a little detail as you enter into the Chapel itself.

The entire Chapel and Apartment had all the carpeting professionally cleaned for its first event.

Here we have the brand new tables & chairs that were delivered and placed in the newly remodeled RECEPTION Hall. Brand new carpet was installed, fresh paint over dark paneling and a brand new wood dance floor.
The kitchen has 3 brand new stoves, refrigerator and lots of vintage china.

One of the larger guest rooms was painted a new custom color over the original bright orange walls the classroom used to be. Antique bedroom furniture was installed while additional pieces will be transported later in our little trailer.
So little by little, the rooms will come together when other pieces are brought into town.