Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Master Bath Retreat

It's been a while since we have posted but we have completed some new projects in our Church School Retreat….. rest assured when we have the opportunity to get away and travel back to the Flint Hills we come ready to work.
Bringing more creative design to the School/Home has always been the most exciting part of this redo….we did not want to take away from the schools history, just accentuating the uniqueness of such a space filled with colorful church stain glass windows and large classrooms is our objective.
After the floors were removed of its carpet and restored, we opted at first to place the 1st sink we found on the back corner…..but it didn't seem like the right fit….so we moved it.
We also had placed a boring antique claw foot tub on the opposite side of the door leading to the bell tower.
I decided to redo the bland looking tub and give more personality with a new faux finish that resembles Copper.
Now we painted the walls of the Bathroom a neutral blue teal base color with the trim in white clay color to compliment the moldings and casings around the room and windows.
Used the same trim color to add the fun hand painted scrolls on the large wall for an unexpected fun detail, as we created a sitting area on the corner where we left an original funky upholstered chair from another part of the church office and reused it in the Master Bath along with a 60"s floor lamp.

After almost a year of having the stain glass repaired, the missing and cracked pieces were completed by a wonderful artist ing San Antonio. We were thrilled to have it back in its original place, where the warmth of the color would reflect with the morning sun as it brightened the morning grooming routine.

The final piece to make its home in this bathroom remodel was a very distincitve Victorian shower basin we found on line. The claw feet were an exact copy in metallic finish as the ones I redid for the tub….with the matching plumbing fixtures…a perfect rain shower head placed for warm early morning showers.
My husband Mark is a wiz….no pun intended since we're talking about our Kansas retreat….but he worked his magic by creating a unique shower curtain rod with pipes and connectors to match the finish.
I opted for simple clear panels for the back wall color to show through and fabric shower curtains facing the front for privacy.
I think the room came together great and will be perfect solution for my parents who have a difficult time getting in out of the tub or we just need to take a quick shower.